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Meet Jon Giuliano Our Owner 

Meet Jon Giuliano the owner of Cobar Roofing. Jon has many years in the roofing industry in and around Shawnee Oklahoma. Jon has extensive experience in storm-related roof damage as well as siding, gutters, and windows.


Jonathan Giuliano

Our Owner Jon

Watch this client testimonial video to see how Cobar Roofing handles every roofing job. Watch as Mrs. Debbie Hill talks about how Josh got her approved for a new roof with her insurance company and also came in and helped with new siding and new windows. Ms. Debbie talks about how great the clean up was after the new roof was installed.  Mrs. Hill talks about how happy she is with Jon and Cobar Roofing. Check out her video and become another happy roofing client of Jon Giuliano and Cobar Roofing

Cobar Roofing is Shawnee Oklahoma’s premier roofer providing roof repair, new roof installation, skylight repair, and replacement services, siding and windows for residential and commercial clients in Shawnee and the surrounding areas. The Cobar Roofing team members are experts in handling insurance-related roofing claims and are committed to offering the best workmanship warranties in the state of Oklahoma. You can also visit our sister company All Out Roofing.

Cobar Roofing keeps proving it’s a leader in the roofing industry. Cobar Roofing uses its very own roofing CRM, so every client of Cobar has their very own client portal.

Cobar Roofing has certifications from the roofing industry’s biggest names. Cobar Roofing is a Preferred Roofing Contractor with Owens Corning Corporation. Owens Corning has been around for decades and has been recognized as a top brand in roofing. Owens Corning’s power in the industry gives Cobar Roofing the ability to offer better warranties than your average local roofer. Owens Corning gives Cobar Roofing the backing so Shawnee homeowners can have true peace of mind with any project with Cobar.

Cobar Roofing is also Top of The House certified with Owens Corning. The Top of The House certification positions Cobar Roofing to give homeowners expertise in blown-in attic insulation projects as well. Cobar Roofing will explain to you how attic insulation, attic ventilation, and your roof work as one system. All being your complete roofing system.

A Little About Our Great City of Shawnee, Oklahoma

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Shawnee Oklahoma is the county seat of Pottawatomi County OK.

We have a very nice town in Shawnee with close to 30,000 people as of our latest census numbers in the year 2000.

Shawnee Oklahoma was settled just after the Civil War by a few Indian tribes. The Sac and the Fox were two Indian tribes that originally settled Shawnee but were soon joined by the Pottawatomi, Kickapoo, and of course the Shawnee Indians. These tribes are all federally recognized and still live in Shawnee to this day.

A very interesting note for Shawnee is the Sonic Drive-in was originated in Shawnee. Troy Smith and Joe McKimmey were partners in another food-related venture and in 1959 Smith and McKimmey split and went their own directions. Mr. Smith opened a hamburger drive-in in on Harrison Street and he decided to install a call-in feature rather than the standard carhops that were so popular at the time. Mr. Smith called his new place the Sonic and as we know now, a ledge was born. Shawnee Oklahoma not only has the very first Sonic Drive-in it is also home to the 3,000th Sonic. Shawnee is proud to be home to the Sonic Drive-in.

Shawnee is located at

35.3273° N, 96.9253° W

The area zip codes for Shawnee are




Shawnee, Oklahoma is a large geographical city encompassing just under 50 square miles of land mass. 

Roofing Services Offered by Cobar Roofing:

Roof Repair

Attic Insulation

New Roof Installation

Skylight Repair and Replacement 

Some Helpful Information Before During and After A Home Improvement Project

Pre-Roofing Job Checklist

Common Roofing Questions 

Roofing Insurance Claims Process & Mortgage Check Procedures

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Frequently Asked Questions for Shawnee Oklahoma Roofing Contractor

Do you service the Shawnee area?

Yes, Cobar Roofing has been servicing the Shawnee Oklahoma for years now.  

Do you do roof repairs? 

Yes, we do every type of roof repair you may need, from a roof leak, skylight leak to a major repair on a commercial building. 

How long with a roof repair last?

That one is hard to say without looking at each repair before answering. We recommend doing a roof repair unless the cost of a roof repair goes over 31% of the cost of a new roof. Then, depending on the age of the roof and your plans for your home it makes sense to go ahead and get a new roof. 

Do you repair skylights? 

Yes, If the skylight is able to be repaired, we certainly do fix leaky skylights. If it can’t be repaired, we recommend the Velux no-leak skylight. The Velux skylights are the very best in the industry. If Cobar does a skylight replacement with a Velux and we use their flashing kit you can get a 10-year no-leak warranty from Velux.